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Updated Install Guide for SUMO and Off-Road Models

Hello CodeRover Enthusiasts,

We are excited to announce a significant update to our installation guide for the CodeRover SUMO and Off-Road models and all add-ons. This comprehensive guide is now available in a single ZIP file, making your setup process smoother and more efficient.

What’s New in the Install Guide?

1. Complete Parts Checklist: Each model now comes with a detailed checklist of all the parts you need. This ensures that you can quickly verify that you have all the components before you start building. No more hunting around for missing pieces!

2. Screw Size Guide: On the last page of the guide, you'll find a handy screw size guide. This visual reference helps you identify the correct screws by their dimensions, ensuring you use the right one at each step of the assembly process.

3. Step-by-Step Installation Renderings: The updated guide includes clear, step-by-step renderings for the installation process. Each step is illustrated with detailed images showing exactly which screws and parts to use. This makes the assembly process intuitive, even for beginners.

4. Visual Instructions for Screw Usage: We have included specific instructions on which screws to use at each step. These visual cues help prevent any assembly mistakes and ensure that your CodeRover is built correctly and securely.

Download the New Install Guide

Download ZIP • 52.55MB

Stay tuned for more updates and happy coding!

For any questions or further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

Happy building,

The Edify Robotics Team

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