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Raspberry Pi Magic Unleashed!

Experience the magic of STEM with our CodeRover STEM Pack for Raspberry Pi. This bundle unlocks the full potential of Raspberry Pi and includes:


🖥️ Raspberry Pi HAT: Connect your Raspberry Pi to a world of sensors and modules using the included Raspberry Pi HAT for seamless integration.


🔍 A Wide Sensor Array: Explore the possibilities with Acoustic Sensing, Photodetection, Colorimetry, Infrared Communication, Ultrasonic Distance Measurement, Vibration Detection, Rainfall Monitoring, Soil Moisture Sensing, Touch Interaction, Hall Effect Sensing, Proximity Detection, and Tilt Sensing.


🌟 Light and Display Modules: Illuminate your projects with the Laser Emitter, RGB LED, 4 Digit Display, and 0.91 OLED Display, adding a visual dimension to your STEM creations.


🔌 Versatile Connectivity: Easily connect and experiment with a Breadboard (Raspberry Pi Bundle) and a variety of Jumper Cables.


All sensors and modules come in a beautiful container box!


Embrace the magic of STEM and Raspberry Pi with the CodeRover STEM Pack. Dive into coding, electronics, and innovation with this extraordinary bundle!

CodeRover STEM Pack for Raspberry Pi

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