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Get ready for an epic SUMO tag team battle with not one, but two powerful SUMO robots in this incredible bundle. Plus, as a special treat, we're throwing in a free SUMO wrestling map for even more competitive fun.


🤖 Two SUMO Robots: Challenge your friends to thrilling robot SUMO battles with two SUMO robots included in this bundle. Compete, strategize, and dominate the SUMO arena like a pro.


🗺️ Free SUMO Wrestling Map: Elevate your SUMO battles with our specially designed wrestling map, absolutely free. It's the perfect arena for your robotic duels and guarantees hours of action-packed entertainment.


🎉 Double the Fun: With two SUMO robots at your disposal, the fun never ends. Whether you're a seasoned robot warrior or new to the game, this bundle promises endless entertainment and excitement.


Gear up for an unforgettable SUMO tag team battle with the SUMO Tag Team Bundle. Double the robots, double the fun, and a free wrestling map to top it all off!

SUMO Showdown Bundle

$280.00 Regular Price
$154.00Sale Price
Only 5 left in stock
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