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🌟 Introducing the CodeRover STEM SUPER Pack - The Ultimate Tech Playground! 🤖🚀

Get ready for an unparalleled STEM adventure with our CodeRover STEM SUPER Pack! Packed with an incredible array of robotics, sensors, and modules, this mega bundle is designed to ignite your creativity and supercharge your learning. Comes with over 49 sensors and module, CodeRover Arduino UNO Sheild, and CodeRover Raspberry Pi HAT!


🔧 Build It All: Unleash your inner engineer as you assemble and customize your CodeRover robots from scratch.


🎓 Learn and Innovate: Dive into coding, robotics, and electronics with the perfect blend of Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatibility.


😄 Double the Fun: Come with a additional CodeRover Core, you can now control both OFF-ROAD and SUMO at the same time! 


⚙️ More than 49 Modules: From buzzers to laser emitters, from IR sensors to touch sensors, this bundle unlocks a world of tech experiments, including the passive buzzer, active buzzer, colorimetry sensor, IR sensor (x2), ultrasonic module, mini magnetic ring, XY joystick module (x2), vibration switch, soil moisture sensor module, tilt switch, relay module (x2), breadboard power supply module (3.3V/5V), buck converter module, temperature and humidity sensor, DS1302 clock module, breakout board, SD card reader/writer module, MPU6050 gyroscope module, jumper cables, 0.91 OLED display, 4-digit display, proximity sensor, touch sensor, and rainfall detector!


🚀📚🤯Whether you're a budding inventor or a seasoned tech enthusiast, the CodeRover STEM SUPER Pack is your gateway to limitless exploration. Don't miss this opportunity to take your STEM adventures to the next level! 

CodeRover STEM Super Pack

$359.98 Regular Price
$197.99Sale Price
Only 4 left in stock
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