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Presenting the Edify Robotics Black PLA Filament - a material specifically crafted for passionate 3D printing enthusiasts. Extruded by our in-development extruder machine prototype, this filament stands as a testament to our mission to transform industrial-grade technology into accessible desktop solutions.


When you choose our Black PLA Filament, you're choosing:


  • Superior Quality: Our black PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament ensures excellent layer adhesion and minimized warping, resulting in consistently high-quality prints.
  • Stylish Finish: With its sleek, black finish, your 3D prints will exude a professional and refined look.
  • Prototype Compatibility: This filament has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with our forthcoming extruder machine prototype.


Currently, we're honing our craft with black PLA filament as we strive to revolutionize the production process. By choosing this filament, you're getting an early taste of the exceptional standard you can expect from our upcoming desktop-sized extruder machine.


We invite our valued backers and prospective extruder machine customers to support us by purchasing this filament. Not only will you be championing our ongoing mission to develop accessible, powerful 3D printing technology, but you'll also get a tangible sense of the quality our extruder machine prototype can produce.


Join us in our quest to empower every 3D printing enthusiast with the ability to recycle, remix, and reinvent. Your choice of our Black PLA Filament brings us one step closer to making this vision a reality.

Edify Robotics Black PLA Filament (1kg)

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