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Programmable LED In a Box

What is PLIB

PLIB is a build-it-yourself RGB fill light kit, that's compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:Bit, and more!

You can use it for cool Instagram photos, power your Arduino projects, and even throw a couple of sensor modules on it to make it smarter! 


2600 mAh battery with battery-level display 

Output over-current, over-voltage, short circuit protection

Built-in power path management, support charge while discharge

WS2812 5050 LEDs full RGB spectrum

Single button control with OLED display

Light temperature from 1000 to 40000 Kelvin

 WS2812 pinout for happy LED hacking



Want to build a smart night light for your bedroom?
Want to build an auto-dimming light for your closet?
Need a special lighting sequence effect for your filming project?
Just plug PLIB and sensors into the prototyping board of your choice to make it happen! 
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