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Flashbang: DIY 3200 mAh powerful flashlight with WS2812 LEDs


3200 mAh | 6 WS2812 5050 LEDs | 1W LED | Aluminum knob | 3D printed case


SLA 3D printed high-resolution semi-transparent casing.

Six 0.5W WS2812 5050 LEDs

Each pixel of the three primary colors can achieve 256 brightness display, completing 16777216 colors full color


Metal control Knob


All Flashbang functions are integrated into a single EC11 encoder with a metal knob giving Flashbang a sturdy finish look.  

1W super bright LED


All Flashbang comes with a 1W white LED with a 15-degree beam angle. Alternatively, you can order a UV LED module to use flashbang to cure resins or disinfect keyboards. 

3200 mAh 18650 battery

All flashbang comes with a 3200 mAh 18650 battery. Fully charges in 3 hours. 


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About Beta Test 

This Beta Version of the Flashbang will be available for purchase starting Jan 20th, 2023. All Beta versions of the Flashbangs come with SLA 3D-printed case, 3200 mAh 18650 battery, main Flashbang PCB, and metal control knob. The default LED module is a 1W bright white LED, you can also purchase an additional UV light LED module for Flashbang. 


There are only 100 Flashbangs available. 

Those who purchased Flashbang Beta will guarantee a 50% discount when Flashbang launches on Kickstarter later. 



What are the differences between the Beta version and the Kickstarter version? 

1. The Kickstarter version will have an injection mold case and parts.

2. The Kickstarter version will also feature a 20W fast-charge and two-way power charging via Power Delivery 3.0 technology.

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