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Elevate your Flashbang experience with our USBtiny AVR ISP Programmer, designed to take your programming skills to the next level! This powerful add-on is compatible with both 6-pin and 10-pin interfaces, and includes a 6-pin cable for seamless connectivity.


With its compatibility with Arduino IDE, you can now flash your own programs to Flashbang, or even download programs for most AVR microcontrollers. The USBtiny AVR ISP Programmer is the perfect tool for unleashing your creativity and exploring the world of electronics and programming.


Product Size: 28.8 * 61.6mm


Get your hands on the USBtiny AVR ISP Programmer today, and take your Flashbang experience to new heights!



  • Compatibility with 6 and 10 pin interfaces
  • Includes a 6-pin cable
  • Works with Arduino IDE
  • Product Size: 28.8 * 61.6mm


$11.99 Regular Price
$9.59Sale Price
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