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​CodeRover robot kit

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WHY Coderover

  • Adaptive Learning: From beginner-friendly Blockly and Scratch to advanced languages like Python and C++, Coderover evolves with your coding journey.

  • Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with Micro:Bit, Arduino, ESP32-CAM, and Raspberry Pi, unlocking endless creative potential.

  • Comprehensive Platform: Ideal for learners of all levels, Coderover combines fun and education, fostering skills in coding and robotics.



Plugin Micro:Bit directly onto CodeRover. Powered by CodeRover's onboard batteries. 



Use Arduino to level up your prototyping game with CodeRover fully under control.  


Raspberry Pi

Scratch or Python, Raspberry Pi can handle both. Connect yours directly to CodeRover and happy coding!



ESP32-CAM is perfect for your FPV driving robot or object tracking autonomous driving vehicle. 

Removeable Core


​You can take out the core of CodeRover from OFF-ROAD and plug it right into SUMO. If you have a 3D printer or a laser cutter, you can even design your own robot and control it using CodeRover's Core, we can not wait to see what you can create. 

 CodeRover Add-ons

Upgrade CodeRover with powerful add-ons and accessories. Elevate your coding and robotics journey with limitless customization possibilities.

Bundle Sale

Shop our limited STEM bundles! These bundles are designed to elevate your programming and robotics game!