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Unlock the world of robotics with the CodeArm kit. Designed for builders of all levels, it offers hands-on experience and endless possibilities.


🔧 Build It Yourself: Assemble your CodeArm and discover the joy of creating your own robotic arm.


⚙️ 3 Servo Motors: Control movements with precision using the included servo motors.


🧲 Electromagnetic Module: Explore magnetic interactions and add an extra dimension to your projects.


🎓 Learn and Grow: Ideal for STEM education, coding, and honing your engineering skills.

Upgrade to CodeArm Max for even more power and capabilities:


💥 Max Power: Max comes with 2 large 995 Servo motors for enhanced strength and control.


🌟 Limitless Creations: Elevate your projects with CodeArm Max's increased capabilities.


Embrace the world of robotics, learning, and creation with CodeArm and CodeArm Max! 💡🤖


$59.00 Regular Price
$34.00Sale Price
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