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 Unleash Your Arduino Adventures!

Embark on a thrilling STEM journey with our CodeRover STEM Pack for Arduino. This bundle opens up a world of exploration and innovation with:


🤖 Arduino UNO Shield: Start your projects with the versatile Arduino UNO Shield, the perfect companion for coding and electronics experiments.


🔬 A Wealth of Sensors: Dive into the world of sensor technology with Acoustic, Photodetection, Colorimetry, Infrared, Ultrasonic, Vibration, Rainfall, Soil Moisture, Touch, Hall, Proximity, and Tilt Sensors. Explore a multitude of applications and experiments!


🌈 Light and Display Modules: Illuminate your creations with the Laser Emitter, RGB LED, 4 Digit Display, and 0.91 OLED Display, adding a visual dimension to your STEM projects.


⚙️ Essential Accessories: Make connections effortlessly with a Breadboard and a range of Jumper Cables to fuel your creativity.

All sensors and modules come in a beautiful container box!


Elevate your STEM adventures with the CodeRover STEM Pack for Arduino. Dive into coding, electronics, and innovation like never before!

CodeRover STEM Pack for Arduino

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