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The Flashbang Magnetic Holder is a game-changing accessory designed specifically for Flashbang. This innovative add-on provides enhanced versatility and convenience, allowing you to easily attach your Flashbang device to a wide range of surfaces.

Key Features:


  • Powerful Magnet Ring: The Magnetic Holder has a strong magnet ring that securely attaches your Flashbang to any iron or ferrous surface. Whether it's a metal door, vehicle, or other magnetic-friendly surfaces, you can effortlessly position your Flashbang exactly where you need it.


  • 1/4 Inch Nut Embedding: The Magnetic Holder is thoughtfully embedded with a 1/4 inch nut, enabling seamless compatibility with standard tripod stands. This allows you to conveniently mount your Flashbang on any 1/4-inch tripod stand, providing stability and flexibility in your setup.



  • Versatile Placement: With the Magnetic Holder, you have the freedom to place your Flashbang in various locations. Explore new lighting angles, easily attach it to metallic structures, or secure it on a tripod stand for steady shots. The possibilities are endless.


  • Easy Installation: Attaching the Magnetic Holder to your Flashbang does not require any additional tools.


  • Secure and Reliable: The powerful magnet ring guarantees a secure attachment, keeping your Flashbang in place even during vigorous movement or unexpected jolts.


  • Seamless Tripod Compatibility: The embedded 1/4 inch nut allows you to connect your Flashbang to any standard tripod stand seamlessly. 


Note: The Magnetic Holder is designed exclusively for use with Flash Bang's EC11 knob. Please ensure compatibility before making a purchase.


Upgrade your Flashbang experience with the Magnetic Holder today and unlock a whole new level of convenience and versatility.

Flashbang Magnetic Holder

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