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Introducing Flashbang PLUS, the groundbreaking educational device that propels you deeper into the enthralling world of electronics and programming! Meticulously engineered with your learning aspirations in mind, Flashbang PLUS is not only an upgrade on its predecessor but a complete reimagining of what an educational gadget should be.


The PLUS version radiates brilliance, literally. With an additional 12 WS2812 LEDs integrated into the main PCB, it now emits a wider and brighter glow. These LEDs cast light to the sides, adding depth and vibrancy to your creative lighting endeavors, ensuring your projects stand out in dazzling splendor.


But it's not just about brightness; it's about creativity, too. The extra 12 LEDs are programmable, providing you with the liberty to create an even broader range of dynamic light effects. Whether you're a novice or a pro, Flashbang PLUS caters to your programming ingenuity.


Stepping up its game, Flashbang PLUS is even better equipped to act as a fill light for your film projects. Illuminate your scenes with the reliable, consistent glow of this brilliant gadget, and watch your creativity take flight.


Moreover, Flashbang PLUS now features a radiant 3W bright white LED module. This upgrade ensures that your learning experience is bathed in superior light quality, making every project you undertake more visible and vivid.


Just like Flashbang, the PLUS version is compatible with Arduino IDE and comes with a modular LED PCB with a 6-pin ISP interface. It also features an integrated 2600mAh 18650 battery for enduring power. However, PLUS takes it a step further, redefining the learning experience with brighter light, more programming freedom, and improved filming suitability.


As soon as your product is confirmed as received, we will send you the PCB schematic and source code via email. This will empower you to harness the full potential of the Flashbang PLUS and delve into the riveting realm of electronics and programming. We eagerly await your imaginative explorations and creations with Flashbang PLUS.



Compatibility with Arduino IDE

Super bright 3W LED

Additional 12 programmable WS2812 LEDs on the main PCB

Modular LED PCB with 6pin ISP interface

2600mAh 18650 battery with battery-level display

Metal control knob

Perfect as a fill light for film projects

Flashbang PLUS - 3W

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$41.99Sale Price
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