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Cross-platform & build-it-yourself, programmable robot kits


SUMO & Off-road​

Launched in 2022

The very first two robots of the CodeRover series! With these robots, you can challenge your friends to epic robot sumo battles and master the art of strategy and competition. If you're feeling adventurous, take your programming skills off-road and explore new terrain. Get ready for an exciting journey with CodeRover!


ATV & Snowcat

Live on Indiegogo

Our CodeRover series just got even better with ATV & Snowcat. These robots come with larger batteries, more powerful motors, and more on-board sensors, including the MPU6050 IMU. With these upgrades, you'll have even more control over the robot, allowing it to drive faster, maneuver more precisely, and conquer more complex tasks.


Learn programming and robotics the fun way with build-it-yourself & programmable robots. 

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CodeRover OFF-ROAD with CodeARM
CodeRover Controller

CodeRover ATV & Snowcat Now Available on Indiegogo! Secure your pledge today to receive the highest available discount! Only 3 Early Bird Deals Left! 

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