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Introducing Flashbang, the revolutionary educational gadget that takes you on a thrilling journey of electronics and programming! Our device is designed with your learning experience in mind, making it easy to use and perfect for beginners. With its interactive LEDs, you'll create stunning light patterns and experiment with the coolest coding techniques.


Featuring an integrated 3200mAh 18650 battery, Flashbang offers long-lasting power with just a single charge, giving you more time to explore and learn. With its compatibility with Arduino IDE and a modular LED PCB with 6-pin ISP interface, you can experience seamless programming and design like never before.


Our device also includes a super bright 3W LED, and metal control knob, and comes with a PCB schematic and source code, making Flashbang the ultimate gadget for your educational journey.


We will send you the PCB schematic and source code via email as soon as your product has been confirmed as received. This will allow you to take full advantage of the Flashbang's capabilities and start exploring the world of electronics and programming. We look forward to hearing about your experiences and creations with Flashbang.




  • Compatibility with Arduino IDE
  • Super bright 3W LED
  • Modular LED PCB with 6pin ISP interface
  • 3200mAh 18650 battery with battery-level display
  • Metal control knob

Flashbang - 3W

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