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CodeRover DIY Design Schemes

In order to help all the makers/hackers/teachers out there to make unique add-ons and mods for CodeRover, here are some of the dimensions of CodeRover and frameworks to help you start building your own mods! Thank you Steve for the suggestion!

Here is a side view of CodeRover - SUMO. With SUMO's front cover installed, SUMO's main frame is 3 millimeters off the ground.


Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi 3/4 can be installed on the top cover of SUMO. There are several mounting positions on the top cover for add-ons too.

You can start making mods based on the following STL files.

Download ZIP • 19KB


We have designed a couple more fierce front covers for SUMO, you can download and print these files to upgrade your SUMO. Every 3D printer setting is different, slight adjustments post printing might be needed before assembling.

Download ZIP • 48KB


OFF-ROAD has more DIY and upgrade potential, with mounting positions on the front, top, back, and bottom you have more freedom in designing mods and add-ons. And thanks to its higher ground clearance and higher torque, you can unleash and test your wildest ideas on OFF-ROAD.

Just like SUMO, Arduino and Raspberry Pi can be installed on OFF-ROAD.

Download the following 3 STL files as a framework for building your add-on.

Download ZIP • 37KB

Here are some add-ons that we created. Remember to share your crazy designs with us!

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