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CodeRover Install Guide

Updated: Jan 5

⚠️Important note for installing and testing the OFF-ROAD model⚠️

Remember to lubricate the planetary gear system thoroughly and ensure the belts run smoothly on OFF-ROAD BEFORE installing the core!

DO NOT try to push the OFF-ROAD model by hand or drag its tracks/belts by hand while CORE is installed. This may result in the MDF gear rotating on its own on the metal shaft. If the planetary gear systems are too tight or not well-greased, This may also result in the MDF gear rotating on its own on the metal shaft.

If this unfortunate situation happens, feel free to download this laser cut plan or STL model of the big gear for OFF-ROAD.

Remember, all pieces for CodeRover are designed to be replaceable using an SLA printer, a laser cutter, or a 3D printer. If you need a specific piece for CodeRover, please leave a comment for the part you need and we will post that part's 3D file and DWG file in our blog.

Here are B99-91 the OFF-ROAD Big gears and B130 which tend to wear out. So like we mentioned before, please grease them and do not try to spin the tracks by hand when the Core is installed.

Download ZIP • 441KB

Here is the STL file of the gears for CodeRover Core if you ever need extra gears or need to replace existing ones.

Download ZIP • 36KB

D-17 STL file:

Download ZIP • 32KB

CORE STL file:

Download ZIP • 26KB

⚠️Important note for installing and testing the SUMO model⚠️ When installing the distance sensor, bend the pins away from the ultrasound emitter slightly (away from the SUMO acrylic front cover. ) This will make it easier to connect the wires later.

Here are step-by-step 3D-rendered install guides for CodeRover Sumo, Off-Road, and all the add-ons.

We will update this blog to include a time-lapse video showing how we build it for more complicated builds such as Off-Road and BB-GUN.

Here are all the PDF files. If you find any build steps hard to understand or wish for a more precise build step, please leave a comment.

Download PDF • 10.91MB

CodeRover OFF-ROAD updated

Download PDF • 15.12MB

CodeRover Controller added.

Download PDF • 1.49MB

CodeRover Core Pinout added.

Download PDF • 7.58MB

Download PDF • 1.26MB

Download PDF • 10.04MB

Download PDF • 4.25MB

Download PDF • 7.81MB

Download PDF • 3.38MB

Hardware info:

Download PDF • 10.30MB

Finally, here is the STL file of CodeRover with the new tracks. The zip file is pretty large around 127MB.

Download ZIP • 127.00MB

SUMO sensor install details.

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