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Flashbang Quickstart Guide

Turn Flashbang On


Flashbang comes fully assembled, however before you can turn on the flashbang, there are a few steps to take.

  • Unscrew the M2 screws on both sides of the Flashbang so you can take out Flashbang's PCB.

  • Pull the Flashbang PCB out of the case and remove the battery slip. ⚠️Please proceed with extreme caution! If you purchased the Flashbang Plus model, make sure the Flashbang case does not touch the PCB sides to ensure the WS2812 LEDs on the sides won't fall off the PCB board.⚠️

  • If you purchased the leather strap add-ons for Flashbang, use the M2 screws and provided spacer to secure the leather strap on Flashbang.

Mode Selection


Press and spin the metal knob to select different modes. When you press and spin the metal knob, you will see the WS2812 LEDs light up 2 columns at a time. Each 2 columns represent a mode, there are 4 modes shown in the rendering below. Release the metal knob at each mode to enter.

  • Bright Light Mode: The first 2 columns indicate bright light mode, in this mode, when you spin the metal knob to adjust brightness. All LEDs will light up at maximum brightness, and at the lowest brightness, only the top 3W/5W LED will light up at around 10% power.

  • HSI Mode: The middle 2 columns indicate HSI mode. When you spin the metal knob in this mode all WS2812 LEDs will adjust Hue from 0-360 degrees at 100% saturation and 100% brightness.

  • Code Mode: The last 2 columns indicate that you have reached the code mode. You can use your light effect code to replace the current one. The light effect that comes with Flashbang is a simple HSI rainbow effect.

To see Flashbang in action, please check out this video.

Charge Flashbang


Unscrew the metal knob with the provided small hex key to access the Type-C charging port.

Hack Flashbang


You need a USBtiny AVR ISP Programmer to program Flashbang with Arduino IDE. Here is how to connect the programmer to Flashbang's LED module.

Source Code


Add your code in Case 3.

Download ZIP • 3KB

Schematic Design


Here is the schematic design for Flashbang, please leave a comment for the upgrades you would like to see added to Flashbang!

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