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2-in-1 + PLIB - Double the Fun, Double the Tech!


Experience the best of both worlds with the 2-in-1 CodeRover and PLIB bundle. Here's why this combo is twice as exciting:


🤖 Versatile CodeRover: CodeRover's 2-in-1 capabilities mean double the fun! Whether you're in the mood for on-road adventures or off-road thrills, this robot has you covered.


🔋 PLIB's Multi-Device Charging: PLIB isn't just about powering up your CodeRover. With its multi-device charging prowess, you can juice up your robot, your smartphone, and more. Stay charged and ready for anything.


💡 Innovative Desktop Companion: Transform your workspace into a tech haven. With PLIB's automatic illumination and CodeRover's versatility, you'll have a desktop companion that's both functional and futuristic.


Get the best of both robotics and gadgets with the 2-in-1 + PLIB bundle. It's tech-savvy, versatile, and designed to double your excitement!

2-IN-1 + PLIB

$239.99 Regular Price
$131.99Sale Price
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