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Add-On Extravaganza - CodeArm Max, BB Gun, Rubber Band Launcher


Get ready to supercharge your CodeRover experience with our Add-On Extravaganza! This bundle includes three exciting add-ons:


🤖 CodeArm Max: Take your robot's capabilities to the next level with CodeArm Max. This versatile arm attachment unlocks a world of possibilities, from creative projects to practical applications.


🔫 BB Gun: Gear up for some high-tech fun with the BB Gun add-on. Transform your CodeRover into a precision shooter, perfect for target practice and exciting challenges.


🚀 Rubber Band Launcher: Unleash rapid-fire action with the Rubber Band Launcher. Turn your CodeRover into a dynamic launcher, perfect for competitive games and creative experiments.


Upgrade your CodeRover with these thrilling add-ons and explore new dimensions of fun, innovation, and creativity. It's time to take your robot to the next level!


Unlock a world of robotic possibilities with the Add-On Extravaganza - CodeArm Max, BB Gun, and Rubber Band Launcher bundle. Elevate your CodeRover experience today!

ADD-ON Bundle

$179.00 Regular Price
$98.45Sale Price
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