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SUMO + PLIB - The Ultimate Robot and Gadget Combo


Elevate your robotics and gadget game with the CodeRover SUMO robot and PLIB bundle! Here's why you'll love this dynamic duo:


🤖 CodeRover SUMO Control: Use your CodeRover to take command of PLIB's WS2812 LEDs, allowing you to create stunning light effects for your Instagram posts. Whether it's eye-catching patterns or vibrant colors, your creativity knows no bounds.


🔋 PLIB Powerhouse: PLIB isn't just a robot's best friend; it's your phone's too! With PLIB, you can effortlessly charge both your CodeRover and your smartphone. Stay connected and powered up on the go.


💡 Desktop Robot Magic: Turn your workspace into a futuristic wonderland. With PLIB's automatic illumination in the dark, you'll have a mini desktop robot companion that lights up your workspace, adding a touch of tech-inspired ambiance.


Upgrade your tech arsenal and explore endless possibilities with the SUMO + PLIB bundle. Get ready to unleash your inner techie and creative genius!






$179.99 Regular Price
$98.99Sale Price
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