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Cross-Platform: New approach to make programming and robotics beginner-friendly.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Making STEM and CS education fun, intuitive and accessible for everyone is our company's mission, with CodeRover we are able to take it to the next level. Here is how.

If you are reading this blog post, you probably know a thing or two about embedded programming and probably developed cool robots or gadgets before.

The image above shows how to connect and light up a led using a Raspberry Pi. Just as many other engineers and hardware developers would think, this is too simple to be even considered hardware 101.

However, "unlike other engineers on the Edify Robotics team, I was a computer science major who could not even remember how to tell the positive and negative on an LED. For a complete beginner who only wants to light up a LED using a couple of lines of python, connecting wires and plugging things onto the breadboard seems like a waste of time and very dis-encouraging work for me. " -- Chris, Software Developer.

The Idea: The best ideas came from beginners.

"If y'all can make it easier for me to use these prototype PCBs, I'll be able to test or even write some of the codes for y'all," Chris said this ambitiously to hardware developers on the team. Which accidentally set us to a new goal of drastically simplifying our PCB board designs to make them more beginner-friendly, and ironically, brought Chris more work.

Wires: Less Is More

What Chris did not like the most about hardware development was the part where he has to connect different wires according to pinout diagrams, which could be tricky because a lot of things could go wrong, and loosely connected wires make debugging even harder. However, experienced makers and hackers prefer to connect wires with more freedom. To make both parties happy, we developed CodeRover Arduino Shield, CodeRover Raspberry Pi, and CodeRover ESP32:Bit, so that Chris would spend less time connecting wires and enjoying CodeRover while more serious (sorry Chris) players still have the option to hack CodeRover as much as they want.

Platforms: Evolves With Users

As you dive deeper into the sea of embedded programming and robotics, you will gradually use more advanced development boards. From Micro:Bit to Arduino, From ESP32-CAM to Raspberry pi, we made CodeRover work with all of them so that you don't need to waste money on a new robot because of the old one could not keep up with your skills anymore!

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