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Why are we not using injection mold for this product?

STEM education movement and Maker movement inspired a ton of companies to create educational robots, however we always believed there is a more environmentally friendly approach.


In the sea of educational robots, we often see combinations of the following materials used to create a product...well, obviously almost any product...plastic and metal. While appreciating the esthetic beauty those materials can bring, we always wondered what if we can create something using other materials.

After endless research and meetings our team finally all agreed upon one specific material...WOOD!

Environmental Commitment #1: Material

Well, not the type of wood used to make wooden toys, but a material created using recycled wood dust, wood fiber, wood shaving and other parts of the wood that normally would go to waste! Boy doesn't that sound good already!

Environmental Commitment #2: Production

Flexible production is the key to minimize pollution, unlike metal or plastic parts, once tooling is complete, the more you make the less each individual part will cost. However, you better sell every last piece of product or they will eventually go to waste. Using a flexible production method, and thanks for your support and crowdfunding platforms, we can know exactly how many products to make with minimized environmental impact and optimized production process!

Give yourself a pat on the back because you are making this happen!

Environmental Commitment #3: Packaging & Shipping

You have shopped at IKEA right? Or at least you know when you purchase IKEA, you have to assemble the furnitures all by yourself.

Just like IKEA furnitures, CodeRover is a build-it-yourself robot. And just like IKEA furnitures CodeRover is flat packed using corrugated paper materials. The corrugated industry has the best recycling rate among any packaging materials used today. Moreover, most corrugated boxes are made using 70% to 100% recycled materials!

Don't worry, our designers will make sure the packaging looks good, so you would want to reused it to store something else.

Thank you for supporting us, and enjoy learning programming and robotics while protecting our earth!

Learn more about our VIP reservations for even more discount and perks with your order, click on the button down here:

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